Win the Outstanding Yard Award!

Do you or one of your neighbors take phenomenal care of the yard?

Are the flowers blooming, bushes trimmed, yard nicely landscaped and manicured?
Beautiful yards are not only pleasing to the eye but help us maintain our property values in Orange Hunt. They also help us take great care of mother nature and her creatures.

The OHECA Board has decided to hold a contest and to award prizes for these great efforts. First prize $100, second prize $50 and third prize $25.

You may nominate yourself, nominate a neighbor or nominate a property within Orange Hunt that, in your judgement, goes above and beyond! We will run this contest until June 19, 2015. Send all nominations to Only OHECA members are eligible to win.

The winners from last year, 9120 Donna Dean, 6610 Red Jacket and 6903 Spur, will help us judge this year’s contest.

Please make sure to include an explanation as to ‘why’ you selected this property.

We will announce the winners late next month!!

Patty Kimmel
OHECA President