OHECA’s Purpose
The Orange Hunt Estates Civic Association (OHECA) exists to preserve the quality of life in Orange Hunt Estates, and to preserve the property values in our community, by implementing programs to maintain the safety and preserve the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhoods, as well as interacting with local and state agencies on issues that affect the Orange Hunt Estates community.

OHECA Membership
All residents and owners of homes in Orange Hunt Estates are members of  OHECA (one membership per household). Members-in-Good-Standing have paid their dues, and in return may vote and make motions at OHECA meetings, and receive the OHECA directory. OHECA mails the newsletter, which is published 4 times a year, to most members regardless of standing, although this may change if the budget cannot cover this expense. Additionally, all OHECA members benefit from these OHECA activities:
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Transportation Committee
  • Architectural Committee
  • Large Item Pickup
  • Yard Sale Weekend
  • Schools Liaison
  • Yard Sale Weekend
  • Newsletter Publication
  • Directory Publication
  • Sign Board Messages
  • Website
A new membership category Associate Members was instituted this year in response to requests of non-residents to join OHECA. These Associate Members pay OHECA dues, and receive all newsletters and the directory, but cannot make
motions or vote at OHECA meetings.

Townhome Membership
Townhome association fees are entirely separate from OHECAs membership dues. In other words, OHECA does not receive any part of townhome association fees. Only about 9.5% of townhome members are in good standing (paid dues), even though OHECA activities enhance townhome property values. For example, OHECA pays for the lawn service that maintains the large grassy triangle at the Sydenstricker/Field Master intersection. OHECA and Orange Hunt Square share the cost of maintaining the flower bed at Orange Hunt Squares Reservation Drive entrance. Until funds permit, OHECA does not have the resources to rejuvenate the flower bed at Reservation Drive. OHECAs Neighborhood Watch program also includes the townhome areas. I urge the residents of the townhomes to join OHECA too, so that we can continue the activities that make our community an attractive and safe place to live.

OHECA Activities
Grounds: OHECA achieves these goals through membership dues, which pay for professional services, and by the time and materials donated by volunteers. The largest expense in each years budget is the maintenance of the common areas (i.e., the median strips and other non-residential land). A professional lawn service mows, trims, and fertilizes these areas, mulches the flower beds at the Huntsman Boulevard and Reservation Drive entrances, and removes fallen leaves in late autumn. Inflation has significantly increased this expense.
Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Watch volunteers patrol our community, using state-of-the-art communication equipment. Neighborhood Watch works closely with the Fairfax County Police Department and alerts the Orange Hunt Estates community to criminal activity in and around Orange Hunt Estates.
Membership Communication: Membership Communication works in conjunction with Membership Records to distribute the newsletters, directory, and other items of interest to the general community.
Newsletter and Directory: OHECA also publishes a newsletter four (4) times each year, as well as the annual resident telephone directory. The newsletter is published free of charge in exchange for advertising revenue. This has also been the usual practice for publishing the directory. However, this year OHECA board members themselves have solicited advertisers for the directory, and OHECA expects to more than cover the costs of publication.
OHECA Web Site: The OHECA web site is an excellent source of information about Orange Hunt Estates, the Civic Association, and the surrounding community. If you have any questions about who’s on the OHECA Board, the Covenants and ByLaws, our programs such as Neighborhood watch, etc., the web site may answer your question. If you have content for the website, or subjects of interest or concern that should be added to the website, contact our WEBMASTER HERE.
Architecture: The Architectural Committee evaluates construction plans for all residences, particularly regarding the appearance of the construction and the impact on the neighborhood. OHECA volunteers also coordinate the annual garage sale and large trash pickup.
Transportation: The Transportation Chairperson, addresses issues of traffic safety, traffic volume, and Fairfax County’s plans for changing the road system in and adjacent to Orange Hunt Estates. Specific traffic issues include cut-through traffic, the planned widening of Sydenstricker Road, and the planned traffic circle at the intersection of Field Master Drive and Sydenstricker Road. Fairfax County and VDOT had verbally agreed not to build this traffic circle. When OHECA tried to obtain written confirmation of this agreement, we were told that VDOT will not remove plans for the traffic circle unless a traffic study shows that the traffic circle is not needed. OHECA is endeavoring to obtain the results of this traffic study, which should be released in June-July, 2001.
Schools Liaison: The Schools Liaison deals with matters relating to the two schools in the Orange Hunt Estates community: Orange Hunt Elementary School (OHES) and Sangster Elementary School.

Welcoming Committee:The purpose of the Welcome Committee is to greet all new homeowners and renters and to make them aware of the benefits of belonging to OHECA.

We need the help of all OHECA members. Please contact us if you know of new families in the neighborhood. We would really appreciate your help.

Please Participate in the OHECA
OHECA has long performed many essential services that maintain and improve property values in Orange Hunt Estates, by virtue of member dues and civic-minded volunteers. Member-in-Good-Standing levels and volunteer participation are now very low. OHECA does not wish to reduce services, nor does it want to increase the membership fee. However, OHECA must achieve a balanced budget. And OHECA welcomes anyone who volunteers to help with the work. Who knows? You may find that it is fun!

Your dues and participation maintain our property values.

PO Box 523095
Springfield, VA