The Architecture Review Committee (ARC) exists as directed by the covenants of our neighborhood, written by the developers and recorded in Fairfax County when Orange Hunt Estates was established about 35 years ago. Its main purpose is to help residents ensure that planned exterior changes conform to Orange Hunt Estates’ covenants.

The ARC’s goal is to maintain a pleasing appearance of the home in OHE by reviewing in advance any planned exterior improvements or changes to your home to determine whether planned changes conform to the OHE covenants. This includes features such as fences, walls, decks, sheds, garages, and additions. The ARC shall either provide written approval of your plans or make recommendations to amend your plans so that they conform to the binding covenants of the neighborhood.

One of our primary objectives is to educate residents regarding the covenants and applicable new zoning ordinance. We realize that many homeowners may not be aware of the covenants to which all homeowners in Orange Hunt Estates are bound. This information gap has led to inconsistencies regarding exterior changes and improvements. Unfortunately, this could strain neighborhood relations or negatively impact property values. The ARC plans, with your cooperation, to provide residents with information in order to prevent these problems from occurring in the future. We encourage all homeowners to avoid possible violations by consulting with the ARC prior to making changes to your home.

The standard procedure to begin the architecture review process is:

  1. Contact an ARC member to discuss project and request ARC approval FORM
  2. Fill out form and include all attachments
  3. Submit form
Please send your ARC request via e-mail to Maureen Reed:
ARC decision will be returned within 30 days of submittal.

You can get a copy of the ARC form here.

In some cases, a resident may not be physically or otherwise able to maintain the exterior of their home. If this is your situation, or you know someone in this position, please contact one of the ARC members. We can provide constructive ideas on how to make it more attractive, and we may even be able to assemble volunteers to help you.

We encourage you to contact one of the ARC members to discuss your proposed improvements to the exterior of your home. We are also available to provide guidance if you are unsure about what is in keeping with the covenants. We look forward to helping you make Orange Hunt Estates a more attractive place to live!


A version of the Orange Hunt Estates covenants is located in your annual OHECA Orange Book. A full version of the covenants is located on line HERE

Information for Fairfax County regulations can be found at Fairfax County Government

For questions regarding sheds, proper storage of inoperable vehicles, numbers of people permitted in a single family home, etc, check Fairfax County Zoning or call (703) 324-1300

For building permit information for retaining walls, driveway expansion, sprinkler irrigation systems, decks, etc., visit Fairfax County Home Improvement Projects.”


Effective June 2002, Fairfax County requires that “all parking for vehicles or trailers in front yard shall be on a surfaced area…” The amount of surface area in R-1 and R-2 zoned districts is restricted to not more than 25% of any front yard or not to exceed 25 feet long by 18 feet wide, in addition to existing lot line restrictions. This does not apply to temporary parking on an unsurfaced area in a front yard for loading, unloading, cleaning or repair of vehicles. See Fairfax County amendment after 6/1 ch. 112, Section 11-102 under parking.