Help Protect Your Neighborhood

from Fairfax County Police Department news release:
Report Crimes Online with New, Updated System
Whether it’s a suspicious person trolling the neighborhood, a mailbox that’s been vandalized, or a stolen bicycle, all crimes matter to police. Online reporting is the quickest, most convenient way of documenting incidents and police urge residents to take advantage of an updated online reporting system. Although the police department has had online reporting capacity for almost a decade, a new, easier, more user-friendly system was installed in December 2013. Police remind residents that no crime is too insignificant to report and that, often, these figures and incidents are used by crime analysts to detect trends and insert proactive, preventive measures. Residents may use the system to report crimes at any time. They will be notified of a report number and may use it for insurance purposes. If appropriate, an officer will notify and or respond to the complainant.

Use the online reporting system to report the following non-emergency crimes/incidents:

  • Bicycle theft
  • Larceny/theft under $5,000
  • Telephone harassment/threats
  • Trespassing
  • Lost property
  • Civil disputes
  • Unoccupied hit & run crashes
  • Solicitor violations
  • Destruction of private property/vandalism
  • Larceny/theft from motor vehicles or parts
  • Suspicious persons/vehicles