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The Importance of Membership Dues
Membership dues are the lifeblood of the Orange Hunt Estates Civic Association (OHECA). Without these monies, OHECA would not be able to fulfill its charter to preserve the neighborhood’s property values and our quality of life.

Membership dues finance the care of the median strips on Huntsman Boulevard and Sydenstricker Road, the grassy triangle at the intersection of Sydenstricker and Field Master Drive, the grassy area of Cherry Run Park on Reservation Drive, the plants at the Huntsman Boulevard and Reservation Drive entrances, and other areas within the neighborhood that are mowed and trimmed from April to October.

The dues also finance the Neighborhood Watch program that has been recognized as one of the best in Fairfax County. The dues pay for mailing the newsletter and membership forms to OHECA members, for printing the membership applications, and for other materials that must be purchased by OHECA. Dues also pay for OHECA’s liability insurance and for the electricity that lights the sign at the Huntsman Boulevard entrance.

Townhome Membership
OHECA membership is not the same as townhome association membership, and OHECA does not receive any part of the townhome association fees. However, the Townes of Orange Hunt and the Orange Hunt Square townhomes are part of Orange Hunt Estates, and OHECA activities enhance townhome property values. OHECA’s Neighborhood Watch patrols the townhomes. OHECA maintains the median and the large grassy triangle at the Sydenstricker/Field Master intersection. OHECA and the Orange Hunt Square share the cost of maintaining the flowerbed at Orange Hunt Square’s Reservation Drive entrance. Residents of the townhomes are urged to join OHECA so that we can continue the activities that make our entire community an attractive and safe place to live. We value our relationship with the Townes of Orange Hunt and Orange Hunt Square.

Annual Membership Drive
We conduct a membership drive each year for the next year’s membership. In July we will send out to all residents for whom we have an e-mail address a copy of the latest membership application. At the end of August, we mail an application to each home that does not have an e-mail address or that did not respond to our e-mail membership request. Near the end of September, we ask everyone to help canvass their neighbors to send in membership fees. Only those members who send in membership fees are entitled to a copy of the following year’s Directory.

The OHECA must achieve a balanced budget. We do not wish to reduce services, nor do we want to increase membership fees. If you have any questions or need an application form, please contact me below.

OHECA’s future is up to the residents of Orange Hunt.

Membership and Volunteers
Contact Christine Swirbliss, Membership Chairperson for OHECA or contact the person who chairs the Committee that interests you.