Roads Update

source: Eileen Filler-Corn (House of Delegates 41st District) newsletter

The harsh winter has had a significant impact on VDOT’s budget. As a result of the weather this winter, VDOT will likely exceed its $157 million snow budget by more than $100 million. Having said that, VDOT does have adequate resources in place from its larger maintenance budget for snow removal, pothole repairs, repaving and other activities to keep roads as safe as possible.

The additional snow removal costs will be paid out of VDOT’s overall maintenance budget.  VDOT is looking ahead to where adjustments can be made to the maintenance budget to compensate for such costs.  With safety always first, VDOT is considering the following adjustments:

  • Extend completion dates of select paving projects
  • Limit use of service contracts (excluding snow removal and pothole patching) and perform needed services with VDOT staff
  • Limit overtime (excluding snow operations/safety related activities)
  • Delay new equipment purchases

VDOT will continue to evaluate roads for paving and investigate the roadways and make a determination based on condition factors and available funding with regard to which roadways are prioritized for paving.

You can send inquiries to or call VDOT’s 24/7 live operator at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623) to report anything to VDOT.

Like me, many of you have seen the toll the winter months had on the condition of our roads. One upcoming project many of you will be interested in is the resurfacing of the Lee Chapel/Burke Centre Parkway/Burke Lake Road intersection. This intersection should see pavement work during the Fairfax County Public Schools spring break of April 14 – 18.

I will continue to keep you apprised of any updated information and paving projects coming to the 41st District.