Orange you glad?

Hello neighbors,

As we wind down our annual membership drive, we are concerned about falling membership numbers and rising expenses. Here are a few things we hope will help convince you to join OHECA:

  1. We are not an HOA!
  2. We mow the medians and maintain the common areas in Orange Hunt. Just imagine how our neighborhood would look with knee-high grass.
  3. We trim the trees in the medians. We have spent THOUSANDS of dollars trimming and cleaning up after recent wind storms!  Again, imagine how our neighborhood would look littered with fallen branches and broken trees.
  4. We have the oldest Neighborhood Watch Program in Fairfax County!  A dedicated team of volunteers works with local law enforcement to help keep Orange Hunt safe.
  5. Twice a year we coordinate Bulk Item Pick Ups where residents can dispose of all sorts of junk for FREE. Our $35 membership fee is a bargain compared to the fees you would typically pay to dispose of these items!
  6. If you are not an member of OHECA, your friends and neighbors in Orange Hunt Estates are paying for your benefits.  $35 is a small price to pay for maintaining the appearance and safety of your neighborhood.
  7. Please do your part. Download a membership form HERE or call me, Christine Swirbliss, at 703-451-5124 for more information.

Membership Drive

Our annual Membership Drive has begun! We are starting sooner than in past years, but your membership will be good through all of 2013. You should have received your letter and membership form by now, but if not, you can access them here. We all know what a special place the Orange Hunt Estates neighborhood is. Please join OHECA and together we can maintain and improve the quality of life in our little slice of Springfield!