The OHECA Transportation Chairman, acts as a liaison between the OHECA board, the residents of Orange Hunt, and various county and state transportation agencies and Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity’s office.  The focus is not only maintaining and improving safety and appearance of our streets, but also maintaining property values.    Some items of interest to residents:

  •  VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) maintains all of the roadways, with exception of residential pipestems.  To report road problems (potholes, signs down, dead animals) call 1-800-FOR-ROAD or go to VDOT Highway Helpline online work request form at http://www/  For the latest road conditions, call 511 from any telephone in Virginia or go to
  • Speeding – continues to be an ongoing problem in Orange Hunt.  Residents living on certain streets voted to have traffic calming measures installed including a speed hump on Field Master Dr. and a 3-way stop at Houndmaster Rd. and Powder Horn Rd.
  • Snow Removal – VDOT gives priority to snow removal on major roads before plowing in subdivisions.  A dedicated truck assigned to each subdivision begins plowing when two inches of snow has fallen.  Roads will not be cleared curb to curb or to the pavement, but rather the roads will be made passable (8-10 feet wide). As a word of advice, plows push the snow to the right, so shovel your driveway and deposit snow on the right, so the plows will push the snow away from the end of your driveway and save yourself some work! Chemicals are not typically used in neighborhoods, but crews will sand hills, curves, and intersections.  Following “Snowmageddon” in 2010, VDOT did an outstanding job of listening to motorist concerns and complaints, and came up with this new plan to clear neighborhood roads in a timely fashion. For issues regarding snow removal, you may contact the regional VDOT facility at 703-383-8368 or
  • Parking trailers, motor homes, boats, RVs are prohibited on all residential streets in the Springfield district.  Vehicles parked on the street can be ticketed by police, except for those that are parked for not more than 48 hours for the purpose of loading and unloading.  To report vehicles in violation, call Fairfax County Police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.
  • Construction dumpsters/self-contained storage (POD) are prohibited on residential streets.  Call the Fairfax County Police Dumpster Hotline – 703-280-0583
  • Unattended/Abandoned vehicles – vehicles and trailers left unattended for 10 or more days may be towed.  Call Fairfax County police to report.
  • Inoperable vehicles on public roads – police may tow after being left on the road for 4 or more days.
  • Vehicles for sale – it is illegal to park a vehicle on a public road for the purpose of selling or offering the vehicle for sale or rent.

To see a listing of additional parking restrictions and whom to contact to report violations, go to

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Have an annoying pothole on your street that just never seems to get fixed. VDOT has both a hotline and an on-line reporting service. Call VDOT’s Highway Helpline at (800) 367-ROAD (TTY users, call (800) 432-1843) to:

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